Where We Are

A drive for perfection and still goes into the formation of each bat turned out, and owner/operator Jacob Walters aims with each bat to create a superior product that will help each player who swings a JAWbat to reach his full potential. The results have spoken for themselves, and JAWbats has grown faster than Jacob could have ever imagined.

In May of 2012, friend Eric Leonardelli stepped in to help organize, and manage JAW. Eric stresses on keeping the focus on making sure that every JAWbat is exactly what every baseball batter needs and deserves. It is Jacob and Eric's firm belief that the hard work and dedication of the players should never be overlooked, and Jacob has remained focused on making sure each bat made helps highlight that work with each swing.

We at JAWbats pride ourselves as being a front runner with awe-inspiring branding, unparalleled approaches to marketing, and promoting a superior product which will continue to push JAWbats staggering growth forward in 2014. As we grow, our focus has been and will remain on our players, our corporate accounts and retail sales partnerships.